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The great success of genome sequencing has led to the development of microarray technology, which basically consists of four major stages: microarray manufacturing, hybridisation process, array reading and data analysis.

DNA Microarray Technology is already implemented by our genomics research team and is mainly used in projects dealing with Functional genomics within knowledge areas such as toxicogenomics, pharmacogenomics, metagenomics or epigenetics, among others. By means of our RDN/DNA microarray key tools we basically undertake studies on differential gene expression. Moreover, we are developing applications in DNA methylation technology (study of gene expression regulation in genetic disorders and certain types of cancer), miRNA (study of gene expression regulation molecules as diagnostic markers and for the development of new therapies), aCGH technology (enabling the detection of changes in the number of DNA copies along the whole genome and quite useful in the identification of chromosome abnormalities), etc.

Our Genomics lab is basically, but not exclusively, supported by the agilent technologies platform. We make use of the following techniques, among others: Isolation of mRNA and total RNA samples from tissues and cell cultures, RNA quality control using the bioanalyzer, optimisation of amplification reactions and labelling with fluorophores, one-colour and two-colour hybridisation on DNA microarrays, data analysis and treatment using agilent genespring and Ingenuity pathway software, etc.

  • Analysis of differential gene expression
    • Hybridisation experimental of one-colour and two-colour hybridisation techniques
    • Hybridisation on Agilent Platform microarrays
    • Biostatistical analysis of data
    • Functional analysis of results (canonical metabolic and signalling pathways)
  • Discovery of biomarkers/therapeutic targets by means of Genomics tools
  • Research on molecular mechanisms involved in pathological processes, drug performance, etc.
  • Epigenetics (study of gene expression regulation mainly in degenerative processes and carcinogenesis)
  • Toxicogenomics

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