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Scientific Publications


  • 2010 J. Alonso-Villanueva, J.M. Cuevas, J.M. Laza, J.L. Vilas, L.M. León. “Synthesis of Poly(cyclooctene) by Ring-Opening Metathesis, Polymerization: Characterization and Shape MemoryProperties”. Journal of Applied Polymer Science.
  • 2009 J. M. Cuevas, J. Alonso, L. Germán, M. Iturrondobeitia, J.M. Laza, J.L. Vilas, L.M. León. “Magneto-active shape memory composites by incorporating ferromagnetic microparticles in a thermo-responsive polyalkenamer”. 2Smart Mater. Struct. 18 075003 (10pp).
  • 2008 B. Gonzalo, J.L. Vilas, T. Breczewski, M. A. Pérez-Jubindo, M.R. de la Fuente, M. Rodriguez, L. M. León. “Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Properties of Piezoelectric Polyimides”. Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry.
  • 2008 G. Droval, I. Aranberri, A. Bilbao, L. German, M. Verelst, J. Dexpert-Ghys “Antimicrobial activity of nanocomposites: poly(amide) 6 and low density poly(ethylene) filled with zinc oxide”. Physica status solidi (a) applications and material science. e-Polymers 2008.


  • 2008 B. Gonzalo, T. Breczewski, J. L. Vilas, M. A. Pérez-Jubindo, M. R. De La Fuente, J. R. Dios, L.M. León. “Dielectric Properties of Piezoelectric Polyimides”. Ferroelectrics.


  • 2006 - 2009 Promoter and participant in the M.Sc. in Biomaterials of the University of the Basque Country.

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