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Scientific Publications


  • 2010 D.A. Pereira de Abreu, J.M. Cruz, I. Ángulo, P. Paseiro Losada. ”Mass transport studies of different additives in polyamide and exfoliated nanocomposite polyamide films for food industry”. Packaging Technology and Science, 23 (2): 59-119
  • 2010 G. Droval, I. Aranberri, J. Ballestero, M. Verelst, J. Dexpert-Ghys. “Synthesis and characterization of thermoplastic composites filled with y- boehmite for fire resistance”. Fire and Materials (online)
  • 2010 A. Sanches-Silva, H.S. Costa, P.P. Losada, R. Sendon, D.I. Sanchez-Machado, H.S. Valdez, I.A. Varona, J. López-Cervantes. “Preparation of active packaging with antioxidant and antimicrobial activity based on astaxanthin and chitosan”. Nutrition Bulletin, 35: 268-271
  • 2008 D. Pereira, P. Paseiro, I. Angulo, W. Greaves, J.M. Cruz. “Development of a polyamide nanocomposite for food industry: morphological structure, processing and properties”. Polymer Composites.
  • 2007 D.A. Pereira De Abreu, P. Paseiro Losada, I. Angulo, J.M. Cruz Freire. “Development of new polyolefin films with nanoclays for application in food packaging”. European Polymer Journal.
  • 2007 D.A. Pereira De Abreu, P. Paseiro Losada, I. Angulo, W. Greaves, J.M. Cruz. “Evaluation of the parameters that affect the dispersion of nanoclays in polyamide films”. European Polymer Journal.
  • 2007 I. Aranberri, W. Greaves, M. Iturrondobeitia, M.J. Suarez. “Desarrollo de microgranzas termoplásticas para los procesos de moldeo rotacional y microinyeccion”. Revista de Plásticos Modernos.
  • 2007 R.B. García-Etxabe, J.J. Campo, M. Larrañaga, L. Germán, M. Iturrondobeitia. “Desarrollo de granzas y compuestos plásticos para aplicaciones de altas prestaciones a partir de PET reciclado procedente de residuos de envases post-consumo”. Plásticos Universales.


  • 2007 I. Aranberri, J. Ballestero, I. Angulo, L. Germán, G. Droval. “New polymer nanocomposites with antimicrobial barrier or flame retardant properties”. Trends in Nanotechnology TNT.
  • 2007 R.B. Garcia-Etxabe. “Nuevos materiales para automoción basados en refuerzos naturales”. 10ª Jornadas de Plásticos en Automoción.


  • 2008 I. Aranberri, L. Germán, M. Iturrondebeitia, L. Matellanes, M.J. Suarez. “Mechanical and rheological characterization of CNT-reinforced PP and PBT”. Chemon Tubes.
  • 2007 L. Ventola, M.A. Cuevas-Diarte, T. Calvet, I. Angulo, M. Vivanco, I. Aranberri, D. Mondieig. “Phase change materials as eco-reliable materials allowing a rational and efficient use and storage of energy or thermal protection”. EUROMAT.

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