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Outstanding Equipment

Schmidt & Heinzman impregnation apparatus (width: 800 mm)
Schmidt & Heinzman impregnation apparatus (width: 800 mm)
Bath-immersion impregnation apparatus
Bath-immersion impregnation apparatus
80 Tonne press
80 Tonne press
Design and development of anti-vibration panels manufactured with secondary material from used tyres, for application in the H-GOMA rail infrastructure field.
The project will involve developing eco panels using rubber strips from end-of-life tyres agglomerated with polymer binders from renewable sources, and developing new alternatives for curing natural adhesives using microwave technology.
INNPACTO programme project
Financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subject: Development of new products from recycled rubber and alternative curing systems.
Leader: Gomavial Solutions S.L.
Processing and Upscaling of Fire-Resistant Nano-Filled Thermosetting Polyester Resin. POLYFIRE
Development of processing techniques for unsaturated polyester- and nanoclay-based materials containing retardant nanocomposites and halogen-free coatings for the construction, railway and maritime sectors, where weight and fire-resistant behaviour are key factors.
7FP European Project
Subject: fireproofing of nanoload-containing composites
Leader: NetComposites Ltd.
Composites containing resins and reinforcements obtained from natural sources. 3Rs
Development of polymeric materials and their composites using raw materials obtained from renewable natural sources.
Applied Research Project. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: furan-based composites
Leader: GAIKER-IK4.
Reduction of car's environmental impact by structural lightening based on low cost-carbon composites without undermining safety and comfort. LIGHTCARBONCAR
Combining the twin goals of car emission/weight reduction and materials performance suggests that it is vital to approach the problem from a carbon fibre composite materials point of view in order to achieve these objectives.
European Regional Development Fund. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: carbon-based composites
Leader: Universidad de Mondragón.
Research into lifting technologies "NET ZERO”. Net0Lift
Development of technologies which enable the future development of energy neutral lifting systems (lifts, lifting platforms, escalators, urban mobility systems...) that are sustainable from an environmental, economic and social point of view and can easily be incorporated into both new and existing buildings.
CENIT Project
Funded by the CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: sandwich structures.
Leader: Orona, S. Coop.
New classes of engineering composite materials from renewable resources. BIOCOMP
Development of composites using conventional thermoset material transformation techniques based on matrices obtained from natural sources (furan-type resins) and natural fibres with differing configurations (fabrics, mats, complex, short fibres).
6FP European Project.
Subject: composites from natural fibres and resins.
Leader: Instituto Fraunhofer.

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