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Key Equipment

Microscopio epifluorescencia
Epifluorescence microscope
Surface Resonance Plasmon (SPR)
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
Real Time PCR
Real Time PCR
Laboratory Skin Patches and SmartCards based on foils and compatible with a smartphone (LABONFOIL)
The goal is to develop cheap lab-on-a-chip devices without compromising the response time, sensitivity or ease-of-use. The user will obtain the results using a smartphone. The project will be validated using various applications: environment, agrifood sector and health.
7FP European Project
Subject: miniaturised detection systems. Biosensor
Leader: Ikerlan.
Development of biosensors for the detection of pathogens based on molecular and immunochemical techniques (PATSENS).
To develop sensitive mobile biosensors for detecting specific pathogens based on different methodologies.
Exceptional Strategic Project
Funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subject: miniaturised detection systems. Biosensor.
Leader: GAIKER-IK4
Portable automated test for the fast detection and surveillance of influenza (PORTFASTFLU)
The aim of this project is to develop and validate a fast diagnostic test for influenza (flu) virus. This test will enable fast and specific infection detection using a portable and compact analytical instrument.
7FP European Project
Subject: miniaturised detection systems. Biosensor.
Leader: Genewave SAS (FR).
Mass Produced Optical Diagnostic Labcards Based on Micro and Nano SU8 Layers (OPTOLABCARD)
This project has resulted in the development of a fast, highly sensitive and cheap diagnostic device (lab-on-a-card type) which brings together technological advances in optoelectronics, microfluidics and biology and is able to detect the presence of pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter spp.) in biological samples (clinical samples and chickens, respectively) in situ within 25 minutes.
6FP European Project
Subject: miniaturised detection systems. Biosensor.
Leader: Ikerlan.

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