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Outstanding Equipment

Atomic force microscope (AFM)
Atomic force microscope (AFM)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Supercritical fluids pilot plant
Supercritical fluids pilot plant
NANOOLEO. Exhaustive know-how of properties, applications and critical technological challenges of new heat-transfer nanofluids doped with magnetic nanoparticles. N-OLEO
Development of new heat-transfer nanofluids using different types and concentrations of NPs to improve the heat transfer.
Funded by the Basque Government. Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness
Subject: Nanomaterials
Leader: Centro Stirling S.Coop.
R&D&I in nanoscience and nanotechnology (magnetic nanostructured material, near-field optical microscopy and nanoaerials, nanofluid, spintronics) and a new centre on safety. NANOGUNE 2012
The project has the mission to generate a centre of competence, Basque knowledge node, in aspects of the environment, health and safety comparable to other European nodes of excellence. It also seeks to create a place to meet and make contact with interesting national and international organisations and to coordinate and disseminate the different efforts and activities taking place in the field of nanotechnology, in addition to new features in the fields of policy, strategy and norms. It seeks to actively support industry in the BAC as regards incorporating nanotechnologies to its products and processes, and to ensure their safe use in the fields of health and the environment.
Funded by the Basque Government. Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
Subject: Nanotechnology, nanoscience
Leader: CIC-Nanogune
ehs advance
High-protective clothing for complex emergency operations. SAFEPROTEX
A European smart textiles project for protective equipment headed by the Clothing Textile & Fibre Technology Development Company (Greece).
7FP European Project
Subject: smart materials
Leader: Clothing Textile and Fiber Technological Development S.A.
Development of nanotechnology materials safe for use in packaging applications. NANOSEGUR
Development of new and more effective nanotechnology products while going about an integrated analysis of the process, products and risks for the health and environment.
Funded by the Basque Government.
Subject: Nanomaterials
Leader: Tuboplast
Optimisation and upscaling of self-cleaning surfaces for automotive sector by combining tailored nanostructured machined injection tools and functional thermoplastic nanocompounds. NANOCLEAN
Development of self-cleaning plastic surfaces which combine nanomaterials and and nano- and micromachined technologies.
2009 - 2012
7FP European Project
Subject: nanotechnology
Leader: Maier S. Coop.
Processing and Upscaling of Fire-Resistant Nano-Filled Thermosetting Polyester Resin. POLYFIRE
Development of processing techniques for unsaturated polyester- and nanoclay-based materials containing retardant nanocomposites and halogen-free coatings for the construction, railway and maritime sectors, where weight and fire-resistant behaviour are key factors.
7FP European Project
Subject: fireproofing of nanoload-containing composites
Leader: NetComposites Ltd
poly fire
Development of thermoplastic nanocomposites for processing by mini-injection. IN-NANOCOMP
Development of polymer-based nanocompounds with enhanced properties for injection and mini-injection processes by incorporation of nano-loads and nano-reinforceements.
2008 - 2010
Applied Research Project. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: nanomaterials
Development and processing of conductive nanoclays for the development of multifunctional conductive polymers. ELECTROCLAY
Development of a conductive thermoplastic compound with rheological properties which enables an improved transformation upon injection. A Consortium Project with other centres such as (Navarre), ITE (Valencia) and Leitat (Barcelona).
Applied Research Project. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subject: Smart materials
Leader: GAIKER-Ik4

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