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Scientific Publications


  • 2014. I. Vegas, D. García, I. Cacho. “Mechanical recycling of gfrp waste as short-fiber reinforcements in microconcrete”. Construction and Building Materials. 2014, 64: 293-300.
  • 2013. S. Arnaiz, B. Kopacek. “El modelo de producción Zerowin de residuo cero en redes industriales”. Futurenviro. 2013, Octubre: 53-57.


  • 2016. F. Hollstein, I. Cacho, S. Arnaiz, M. Wohllebe. “Challenges in automatic sorting of construction and demolition waste by hyperspectral imaging”. Spie Defense + Comercial Sensing. Baltimore (USA).
  • 2016. S. Arnaiz, M. Arieta-Araunabeña, A.I. Fernández-Calvo, M. San Sebastián. “Environmental assessment of the eol phase of the B2 demonstrators -low weight green metallic fuselage panels- including dismantling and recycling”. 3rd European Aircraft Recycling Symposium. Stuttgart (Alemania).
  • 2015. R. Miguel. “Advanced technologies for waste sorting and separation”. Waste as a Resource International Conference. From Waste to Energy. Bilbao.
  • 2013. F. Hollstein, M. Wohllebe, S. Arnaiz, D. Manjón, N. O'Brien, A. Kulcke. “Challenges in automatic sorting of bio-plastics within the recycling chain by means of Nir-hyperspectral-imaging”. NIR 2013. 16th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy. La Grande-Motte (Francia).
  • 2013. S. Arnaiz. “The Zerowin production model (ZWPM)”. Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks. Zamudio.
  • 2013. R. Miguel. “Un proyecto de innovación, una oportunidad”. Reciclar para ser más competitivo en tiempos de crisis (y siempre). Bilbao.


  • 2016. M. Barriuso, A. Asueta, D. Iribarnegaray, S. Arnaiz, O. Salas, A. Branderhorst. “Advanced strategies to study bromine contents on weee plastics through on line detection systems by means of spectroscopic methods for recycling purposes”. Electronics Goes Green (EGG+) 2016. Berlín (Alemania).
  • 2016. S. Arnaiz, M. Arieta-Araunabeña, A.I. Fernandez Calvo, M. San Sebastian. “Sentry sustainable dismantling and reclycling of metallic aerostructures”. Clean Sky Forum 2016. Bruselas (Bélgica).
  • 2015. F. Hollstein, M. Wohllebe, S. Arnaiz. “Identification and sorting of plastics film waste by nir-hyperspectral-imaging”. 17th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil).
  • 2015. F. Hollstein, M. Wohllebe, S. Arnaiz, D. Manjon. “Identification of bio-plastics by NIR-SWIR-hyperspectral-imaging”. OCM 2015. Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials Conference. Karlsruhe (Alemania).

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