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Outstanding Equipment

Schmidt & Heinzman impregnation machine (width 800mm)
Schmidt & Heinzman impregnation machine (width 800mm)
Bath-immersion impregnation apparatus
Bath-immersion impregnation apparatus
80 Tonne press
80 Tonne press
Developing novel fire-resistant high performance composites FIRERESIST
Development of new high-technology polymer matrix composite materials to establish improvements in fire resistance. The project consists of 5 work packages related to materials, of which GAIKER-IK4 leads the topic on highly carbonisable composites which are environmentally friendly given their natural origin.
PEuropean Project - 7FP.
Subject: fireproofing.
Leader: Newcastle University.
Research and development of new energy generation technologies based on thin film photovoltaic cells. ATON
Development and adaptation of substrates (glass, polymers, steel and ceramic) for new photovoltaic absorbers. Development of new formulations to adjust the properties to maximise the efficiency of the device and to optimise the mechanical properties of the set (durability), while facilitating their integration architecture.
CENIT Project.
Funded by the CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: high-performance prepreg polymers.
Leader: Grupo Unisolar.
Proyecto Aton
Development of applications based in plastic materials and composites obtained from renewable non-petroleum-based biological sources. BIOBASED MATERIALS
The project involves technology development and modification of bioplastics and biocomposites of thermoplastic and thermoset nature for industrial prototypes, validated technically, economically and environmentally with respect to the reference products.
ETORGAI Project.
Funded by the Basque Government
Subject: natural composites.
Leader: Maier S. Coop.
Recycling thermoset composites of the SST. EURECOMP
Development of an adequate solvolysis process for recycling and reusing thermoset composites in the transport industry. Separation and purification by Super Critical Fluids of fractions and materials resulting from solvolysis. Reintroduction and reprocessing of the recovered fractions and materials and product production.
European Project - 7FP
Subject: composite recycling.
Leader: Plastic Omnium Auto Exterieur Services.

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