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Chemical recycling of plastics and composites

The Circular Economy Action Plan offers a forward-looking agenda for a cleaner and more competitive Europe. It aims to accelerate the transformational change called for by the European Green Deal. Chemical recycling facilitates the circularity of materials to support EU transformation.

GAIKER’s activity focuses on the development and use of chemical processes and technologies, such as solvolysis (plastic2plastic and plastic2chemicals approaches) to produce monomers and chemical products from plastic waste (packaging, textiles, composites, etc.) combined with the expansion of reactors and the study of new routes with alternative renewable solvents and innovative catalysts. Pyrolysis (plastic2oil&gas approach) is used to obtain “piroils” and “chars” from mixed plastic waste, whereby GAIKER optimises the process to guarantee the quality of the products. Delamination of multi-layer plastic waste and selective dissolution of plastic waste are also used as specific chemical recycling alternatives.