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Functional and Sustainable Polymers

Plastic material encompasses several families of polymeric materials with very different properties, such as polyolefins, styrenics, vinyls, polycarbonate, polyamides, polyesters or high performance materials, such as PPO, PPS, PEI or PEEK.

At GAIKER, we conduct research with different polymeric bases and formulate them to provide certain specific functionalities in mass, by compounding, and in dispersion, for coatings, and we transform these materials into parts for different sectors by means of different processing technologies.

In addition to the development of materials and coatings with specific functionalities, we research integration processes that facilitate the placement of functional materials so that their functionality is as effective, cost-efficient and sustainable as possible.

GAIKER is aware of the environmental problems generated by plastic waste management and has extensive experience in the recycling and recovery of plastic materials, identifying market needs to reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution, promoting recycling and recovery in new materials and products and developing new bio-based plastics. On the other hand, legislation is forcing recycled materials and materials from renewable sources to be used in the manufacture of new products, making it necessary to match supply with demand while maintaining quality, performance, safety and price.

In this respect, GAIKER has different thermoplastic material transformation processes at pilot plant level to determine the processability of recycled and bio-based materials.

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Juan Ramon Alonso

Sustainable Composites & Functional Polymers Market Manager