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Hybrid Composites 


Mobility-related sectors need increasingly lightweight materials. Composites combined with other materials offer excellent properties, so sandwich materials are a suitable solution when it comes to combining lightweight with rigidity.

However, the bonding of these composites to each other and to other materials must be studied in order to offer the best mechanical performance.

At GAIKER, we use adhesive and pressing technologies for manufacturing.

Our lines of work are:

  • Sandwich panels made by different processes, with composite skins or other materials and cores from foam, honeycomb or recycled materials
  • Reinforcement of metal parts with composites
  • Hybrid materials of composites with other materials, steel, aluminium, thermoplastics, rubber, wood,…
  • Improvement of the interface and bonding between dissimilar materials, using adhesives and non-adhesive bonds


Major Projects


This aim of this project is to research and develop advanced technologies for lightweight, multifunctional, sustainable materials for road and air transport. GAIKER's research is geared towards developing hydrogen tanks by means of filament winding with integrated functionalities (hydrogen permeability, good reaction to fire and sensors in processing and useful life)

Subsidised by the Basque Government

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The aim of this project is to develop new efficient processes with which to manufacture lightweight panels more quickly and economically. GAIKER's research is focused on developing and characterising lightweight multi-material fireproof panels by bonding skins and cores using adhesives and co-moulding, thereby replacing the traditional processes of manufacturing composites by manual moulding and infusion, i.e. a modular manufacturing process based on lightweight panels assembled by bonding, avoiding the need to invest in moulds of considerable size.

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The aim of this project is to develop hybrid anti-vibration parts, using intramolecular bonding without using adhesives, that meet the specifications required in the automotive sector.
GAIKER's research has focused on intramolecular bonding without using adhesives, metal-polymer and polymer-polymer, by means of overforming one of the polymer materials.

.Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness

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GAIKER will work on developing new hybrid composites that could replace the metallic materials used to date, which would, therefore, provide lightweighting and excellent resistance to fatigue and impact.

Research and development of new space technologies and investigation into new techniques to improve future planetary missions and their scientific needs.

Subsidised by the Basque Government

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