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Areas of Knowledge

Our team combines world-class research capabilities in order to turn cutting-edge science into innovative solutions for society. 

At GAIKER, we provide biotechnological support to different industrial sectors through the application of our scientific knowledge in microbiology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, immunochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics and genomics.  

The term plastic material encompasses several families of polymeric materials with very different properties, such as polyolefins, styrenics, vinyls, polycarbonate, polyamides, polyesters or high performance materials, such as PPO, PPS, PEI or PEEK.

At GAIKER, we conduct research with different polymeric bases and formulate them to provide certain specific functionalities in mass, by compounding, and in dispersion, for coatings, and we transform these materials into parts for different sectors by means of different processing technologies.

GAIKER's research and technological activity in recycling is based on the treatment of material flows from all types of post-consumer and pre-consumer waste: light packaging, end-of-life vehicles (ELV), waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), construction and demolition waste (CDW), composites, textiles and emerging waste. Recycling technologies are researched, applied, evaluated and adapted to separate materials from these waste streams once they have been characterised and conditioned. The final objective is to design and evaluate specific recycling processes to obtain recovered material fractions of the highest quality that can be returned to the economic cycles.

We conduct research across the entire value chain of composite materials:  we draw up formulations with thermosetting resins, study their polymerisation, incorporate different types of additives and catalytic systems for the development of composites based on final requirements. 

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Miguel Romano PhD

Market Manager

Sustainable Composites and Functional and Sustainable Polymers

Juan Ramón Alonso

Market Manager

Recycling and Circular Economy

Rafael Miguel

Market Manager