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Chemical Recycling


We develop sustainable and efficient alternatives for the use of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste to provide added value and competitiveness to our customers’ processes. We develop processes for the chemical recycling of plastics and to obtain compounds of industrial interest, such as monomers, oils, hydrocarbons, etc. We develop the plastic2plastic, plastic2oils and plastic2others processes. We have closed tank reaction systems as well as several pilot plants to scale up thermochemical processes, with various reaction capacities up to 150 litres.

The pilot plants are based on different technologies that enable us to analyse the performance of plastics, biomass and complex waste in solvolysis (glycolysis, acid or basic hydrolysis, aminolysis, etc.), pyrolysis and gasification processes. We seek to optimise reaction conditions and process variables, evaluate the efficiency of innovative catalysts and scale-up processes. We are also working on the characterisation and development of refuse derived fuels (RDF). We work on hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of strategic substances present in waste, such as electric car batteries, photovoltaic panels or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), following the urban mining concept.


Major Projects


Developing knowledge and technology that will enable the industrial fabric to make sustainable use of plastic waste, thereby closing the life cycle of these resources. Research is ongoing on obtaining raw materials for industry using chemical (solvolysis) and thermochemical (pyrolysis and gasification) processes capable of converting plastic waste into substances that enable new plastics to be obtained.

Subsidised by the Basque Government


Obtaining raw materials via the catalytic glycolysis of pre- and post-consumer PU waste and validating their application. Developing a technically, economically and environmentally viable end-of-life alternative to landfill for PU, thereby bringing new sustainable products into the value chain.


Project aimed at developing and optimising a process for the chemical recycling of PET containers by means of catalytic glycolysis to obtain a purified monomer suitable for the food industry, firstly in the laboratory and then scaled up to a pilot plant. 

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