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Sustainable Composites 4.0

We conduct research in composite materials processing, whereby we have pilot plants with most of the transformation technologies, where we carry out tests for the adaptation of materials to the processes, their scaling, as well as obtaining prototypes and functional demonstrators on a laboratory scale and in real sizes. We study the incorporation of digital technologies into these processes for their monitoring, control and learning, as well as the monitoring of the final parts in service. We design and do calculations for composite parts by finite elements, as well as their topological optimisation for maximum lightening. We study composite joints, as well as hybridisation with other materials, such as steel, aluminium, wood, thermoplastics, foams and we develop various kinds of sandwich panels with composite skins and cores and even recycled ones.  We test composites to obtain design data and evaluate final properties. We analyse the recyclability of composites by offering more sustainable solutions by incorporating resins from renewable natural sources, recyclable resins, natural fibres or recycled fibres. Finally, we recover composites at the end of their life cycle in new semi-finished and final products.

In short, we can determine the best material and manufacturing process to develop a composite component, taking into account its technical requirements, production rates and costs.

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Juan Ramon Alonso

Sustainable Composites & Functional Polymers Market Manager