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Packaging Materials


The EU plastics strategy aims to reach 100% recyclability of packaging by 2030. Commission Communication, of 16th January 2018, entitled “A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy” (COM (2018) 0028).

At GAIKER, we research materials for their application in food packaging.

  • Development of coatings (e.g. paper and cardboard) that enable packaging material to be recycled. Barrier coatings would be sought to improve the shelf life of food for consumption and make a greater contribution to sustainability by avoiding single-use packaging.
  • Developments in compostable packaging for use in fast-food and for short shelf life.
  • Evaluation of the re-use of packaging for food applications in terms of mechanical properties, migration of substances, etc.
  • Active Packaging We research and develop materials for active packaging, incorporating antioxidants or antimicrobials.


Major Projects


The aim of the project is to develop UV-cured coatings and water-based adhesives to improve the oxygen barrier in packaging, in order to increase the shelf life of the packaging by preventing the oxidation of fats that make food look commercially unpalatable.
Two packaging prototypes were planned:
1.- In mould labelling (IML) labels that make it possible to reduce oxygen permeability in packaging.
2.- Flexible complex laminates with improved barrier capacity (reduced oxygen permeability).

GAIKER's activity at SENOX is focused on developing a resin for IML labels that reduces the oxygen permeability in the final polyolefin container.

Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aimed at promoting quality technological development, innovation and research.


In the context of ageing, skin disorders are significant and visible, and therefore constitute a disruptive element in the quality of life of older people. The economic importance of this section of the population has grown dramatically over the last decade in Europe.

GAIKER's activity in SuperFlex is focused on an environmentally friendly concept.  We select and produce environmentally friendly packaging (in collaboration with industry) for personalised products. The design of the labels and the most appropriate printing technology were defined.


Scale up production and commercially validate two innovative food packaging solutions based on PHBV, a type of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) bio-based polymer – a fully compostable food contact film and tray. This new packaging will use by-products from the food industry (cheese whey and almond shells), ensure biodegradability and reduce food waste as part of the EU's circular economy strategy.

GAIKER was responsible for developing and validating 100% biodegradable packaging on a pilot plant scale by means of thermoforming and flow pack, with improved properties.

  • Flow pack: applying a CNC coating and subsequent lamination to form the multilayer flow pack film.
  • Tray: developing a monolayer and multilayer film to form a tray

This project received funding from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 research and development programme under contract number 773872

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