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Prepregs and Tapes


In composite manufacturing processes, raw materials, resins and fibres are sometimes used to be transformed directly into final parts.

In many other cases, this transformation involves the production of intermediate materials that are used for further processing by moulding into a composite part.

At GAIKER, we develop prepregs in accordance with specifications, using combinations of roving, mat and fabric, which are processed by compression and vacuum, as well as SMC, which is a short fibre prepreg.

We use different types of fabrics: balanced, biaxial, triaxial, quadriaxial, as well as complex fabrics which combine short fibre with fabric. We can also use recycled fibres (glass and carbon).

We produce customised formulations and batches in line with requirements:

  • SMC
  • BMC
  • Continuous fibre prepreg

We develop composites (tapes and organosheets) based on thermoplastics.

  • Thermoplastic materials: PE, PP, PA, PET
  • Natural thermoplastics
  • Recycled Thermoplastics
  • Compounding of thermoplastics for the incorporation of recycled or bio-based material, or additives to fireproof or give the material functionality
  • Production of thermoplastic laminates


Major Projects


In this project, GAIKER carried out research into obtaining epoxy-based flame retardant formulations, which are recyclable, and can be processed suing SMC technology, which comply with the reaction to fire requirements for electric vehicles (more demanding than those demanded of conventional vehicles) and have good sound insulation properties.


Subsidised by the Basque Government


Foto 51 desarrollo de prepregs

The aims of this project are, firstly, to create scientific and technological knowledge on polymeric materials and composites in order to move towards a circular economy, by working on developing new sustainable and recyclable materials, designed to optimise the curing/heating or bonding stages in their processing. And, secondly, to solve some of the challenges of polymer composites by providing them with additional functionalities such as recyclability, good reaction to fire performance, bactericidal properties and thermal energy storage.


Subsidised by the Basque Government

foto 71 TAPE

Thermoplastic composites are an excellent alternative to thermoset composites and sheet metal. However, implementing them in the market requires overcoming certain limitations associated with processing them. To this end, the ZE-KOMP project was set up to work on developing optimised, reliable manufacturing processes, improving the sustainability of these processes from an environmental and cost point of view, and on manufacturing rates.

Subsidised by the Basque Government

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