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Functional Polymers


The combination of certain polymers with certain additives, nanoadditives, nanotubes and carbon nanofibres produces materials with specific functionalities that plastics do not have in their natural state.

At GAIKER, we research functional and active polymers to provide plastic materials with new properties and functionalities for new fields of application.

We are working on the following lines:

Formulation of functional and active materials

  • We have tools for the selection of the right thermoplastic material depending on the final use: Polyolefins (PE, PP, EVA, etc.) Styrenics (PS, ABS, SBS…), technical plastics (PA, PC, PET, PBT, POM, etc.) and plastics of natural origin (PLA, PHA, biodegradable, etc.).
  • We develop formulations with specific performance and functionalities through additives and compounding of thermoplastics with loads, reinforcements, additives and other thermoplastics.
    • Mechanical, strain sensors
    • Aesthetics
      • Aesthetic finishes
      • Non-scratch, anti-fingerprint, …
    • Flame retardant formulations for use in the electrical sector, construction or railway construction.
    • Anti-microbes
    • Electrical conductivity
    • Thermal conductivity
  • We develop materials with functional properties for textile spinning.
  • Reversible adhesives, sensorised adhesives, …


Major Projects

Imagen 59-equipo de medida 2

Development of new thermoplastic- and thermosetting-based functional materials geared towards different advanced manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, electrospinning processes and advanced microelectronics processes.

Subsidised by the Basque Government

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