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Our team combines world-class research capabilities in order to turn cutting-edge science into innovative solutions for society. 

At GAIKER, we provide biotechnological support to different industrial sectors through the application of our scientific knowledge in microbiology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, immunochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics and genomics.  

We also have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to carry out developments that enable us to adapt the latest scientific advances related to biosciences to business needs and interests. This activity makes GAIKER a key player in improving the competitiveness of companies in sectors like pharmaceuticals, dermo-cosmetics, agri-food, diagnostics, chemicals and the environment, among others. 

Our research activity focuses on four main lines of specialisation 1) Biomedicine and Human Health, 2) Biodetection Technologies, 3) Industrial Microbiology and 4) Environmental Health. 

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María Genua

Head of Biotechnology Area