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Recycled plastic compounding and upgrading

Plastics are important materials in our economy and everyday life. However, they can have serious negative effects on the environment and human health. For this reason, the EU adopted a European plastics strategy in January 2018. It is part of the EU's circular economy action plan and builds on existing measures to reduce plastic waste. The plastics strategy also aims to transform the way plastic products are designed, produced, used and recycled in the EU.

GAIKER gives a second life to post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste through compounding. We improve the properties of recycled plastics to ensure they meet the requirements of different industries, such as automotive, household, electrical, marine and industrial packaging. We are experienced in food contact applications. Our plastics processing units are sensorised and digitalised to ensure process and material traceability.


Foto 126 proeycto blue net

The aim of BLUENET is to reduce marine litter from aquaculture-fishing enterprises in the SE Bay of Biscay by 20-40% by 2020. GAIKER's activity is focused on recycling nets and ropes used in these industries to develop materials for manufacturing new fishing and aquaculture tools.