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Agricultural chemistry


In the field of industrial microbiology applied to the agricultural chemistry sector, we seek to substitute chemical compounds with biological agents that offer an identical function and reduce environmental impact. We also develop new biopesticides and fertilisers based on different protein hydrolysates. In the field of animal nutrition, we collaborate in developing animal feed.

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Selection of microorganisms that provide or improve the availability of nutrients in agriculture or that can act as a fungal or bacterial infection control.
  • Obtaining of microorganisms that secrete an antagonistic component against pathogenic organisms to achieve the formulation of biological products for agricultural or environmental application.
  • Identification of the active substances (enzymes, peptides…) of antagonistic microorganisms used in biological plague control.
  • Obtaining of active substances for biological control by means of genetic engineering for industrial production.
  • Optimisation of the conditions of culture of microorganisms for their industrial use in producing biopesticides.
  • Quality control of the end product. Life span study
  • Obtaining of protein hydrolysates from enzyme technology for their use in fertilisers (easily assimilated N source) and of more easily assimilated animal feed.

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