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VALUEWASTE has reached its end

The EU-funded VALUEWASTE project (programme H2020) will present results after 4 years of work on circular, sustainable and efficient biowaste valorisation schemes for cities across Europe.

2022/10/20  Technology Centre for Energy and Environment (CETENMA) hosted VALUEWASTE (GA 818312) final event at El Batel Auditorium and Conference Centre (Cartagena, Murcia, Spain) on the 20th of October of 2022. This final public conference showcased the final project results and achievements, gathering experts and sectorial actors to discuss challenges and opportunities for the bioeconomy at EU cities.

The main project achievements support the fight against critical challenges faced by urban bioeconomy initiatives: technological, social, or political. For example: the successful biowaste collection pilot experience implemented in Murcia (Spain); the demonstration of 3 combined value chains for biowaste valorisation into new products (biofertilisers and food & feed ingredients) – as well as the testing of the functionality and the market potential of the final biobased products.
VALUEWASTE results also support the adaptation of regulations and social perspectives for the acceptance of new biobased products:
- CEN Workshop on “Key factors for the successful implementation of urban biowaste selective collection schemes”. Pre-normative document published with recommendations for the successful implementation of urban biowaste selective.
- ROOTs Policy position paper: ROOTS - position paper with suggestions for EU policy makers aiming to inspire changes to the EU biowaste framework.
- 2 communications campaigns (one in Murcia & a second in Murcia and in Kalundborg) showing increased engagement, interest and involvement of general public in the selective collection of biowaste after implementation.
This final event is organised in hand with its friend H2020 project SCALIBUR, who held its final conference the day before (19/10/2022) in Valencia (ES): "Breaking barriers to make the most of biowaste". This joint opportunity allowed project partners, experts, and relevant stakeholders to look for potential synergies and opportunities in sustainability from both project findings. In more detail, highlights of the VALUEWASTE final event included:
- Representatives of the 17 project partners as well as sectorial key stakeholders (e.g., Waste Management Companies, Municipalities and local entities interested in the selective collection, Biotechnology companies, representatives of scientific communities, circular economy promoters).
- Presentation of project results after 4 years of work: the VALUEASTE solution, facing urban bioeconomy challenges at EU level.
- Debate with experts on the challenges of the bioeconomy
- First-hand presentation of opportunities in Europe for bioeconomy in EU cities and a project exhibition.
Mrs. Véronique Woulé Ebongué, Project Adviser of the European Research Executive Agency (REA) and keynote speaker of the event, said “It is worth pointing out the biowaste collection challenge and the social acceptance challenge-the project has implemented very good communication and awareness raising campaigns and has involved all stakeholders”.
Adrián Zittelli, Region of Murcia, European Committee of the Regions alternate member added “This project brings innovative solutions to critical challenges as implementation of circular economy on biowaste management”.
More information for VALUEWASTE final event here.
About the VALUEWASTE project
The VALUEWASTE project started back in 2018, gathering 17 partners from 5 EU countries and, after 4 years, has reached its end in October 2022. The goal of the project was to foster the adoption of circular valorisation schemes for urban biowaste in cities across Europe, demonstrating valorisation technologies and developing pilot experiences in two European cities: Murcia (Spain) and Kalundborg (Denmark).
More project images and interviews with all VALUEWASTE partners at

Project website:


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 818312.

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