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Outstanding Equipment

Reómetro magnético
Reómetro magnético
Conductividad eléctrica
Conductividad eléctrica
Máquina de impregnación Schmidt & Heinzman(ancho 800mm)
Máquina de impregnación Schmidt & Heinzman
(ancho 800mm)
Prensa de 80 TN
Prensa de 80 TN
3D Printer
3D Printer
Revaluation of carbon fibre waste in intermediate and final products with high added value in several industrial sectors. C-RECYCLING II
Development of processes for the industrialization and inplementation in the market of new intermediate and final products based on recycled carbon composite, and consequently boosting the industry around recycled carbon fiber in the Basque Country.
Ecoinovation-IHOBE Project
Funded by IHOBE
Subject: Carbon composites recycling
Leader: GAIKER-IK4
Development of an innovative method based on the sensorization of the curing process of Composites and adhesives, as well as the monitoring of the mechanical behaviour in service of Composites and adhesives through the integration of a small percentage of ferromagnetic fibers.
Support programme for Innovative Business Groups
Funded by MINECO
Subject: Industry 4.0
Leader: CEP
Automotive composites manufactured by RTM using the Industry 4.0 philosophy
Knowledge development for the next generation of the highly productive RTM manufacturing process to Industry 4.0 philosophy, reducing the costs and obtaining new high value-added composite products for the automotive sector.
Funded by Economic Development and Competitiveness Department of the Basque Government
Subject: Composites 4.0
Leader: Mondragon University
Development of added-value applications from waste prepreg and carbon fibre composites of the aeronautical sector. C-RECYCLING
Development of more affordable carbon composites for automotive sector. Two kind of prototypes will be manufactured from aeronautical sector carbon fibre waste: aesthetic and structural components for the automotive sector.
Ecoinovation-IHOBE Project
Funded by IHOBE
Subject: Carbon composites recycling
Leader: GAIKER-IK4
Development of lightweight performance composite parts through an automated low pressure compression molding process of near net shape performs. PREFORGE
The project focuses on the development of flexible manufacturing technology, based on the use of thermosetting prepregs to address both the production of customized short series as large series of parts. In the manufacturing process, simulation tools, process and product modeling, monitoring and communication tools between the steps involved are implemented.
Etorgai Project
Funded by Basque Government
Subject: Composites, Industry 4.0
Haptic Printed and Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surface. HAPPINESS
The main goal of the HAPPINESS project is to develop a smart conformable surface able to offer different tactile sensations via the development of a Haptic Thin and Organic Large Area Electronic technology (TOLAE), integrating sensing and feedback capabilities, focusing on user requirements and ergonomic design. To this aim, by gathering all the value chain actors (materials, technology, manufacturing, OEM integrator) for an application for the automotive market, the HAPPINESS project, will offer a new haptic Human-Machine Interfaces technology, integrating touch sensing and disruptive feedback capabilities directly into an automotive dashboard.
H2020 Project
Funded by European Commission
Subject: Materials - Flexible Electronics
Leader: CEA (FR)
Additive manufacturing of new functional inserts and tooling for plastic and aluminium injection moulding. FAMOLD
The FAMOLD Project aims he development of materials and technologies of 3D printing for the manufacturing of inserts, mould and tooling for the development of plastic and metal parts, based on the combination of 2 lines of work: Development of models and tooling in polymeric functional materials for moulding of prototyping short run of plastic part and Development of conformational metal inserts to reduce the cycle time in long runs of injection moulded aluminium parts.
ETORGAI Programme. Industrial Research Integrated Projects
Funded by Basque Government. Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness
Subject: Plastic Materials and Composites Development. 3D Print
Development of UV-curing coatings and water-based adhesives as oxygen barriers for sensitive products. SENOX
Improvement of oxygen barrier properties for sensitive products through the development of ultraviolet (UV) curing coatings and water-based adhesives that improve the final packaging, particularly focused on cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical markets.
Programa Retos Colaboración (RTC-2015-3810-2)
Funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund, goal: to promote the technological development, the innovation and a quality research
Subject: Packaging
Ministerio de Economía y CompetitividadFondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional
New Generation of Materials and 3D Printer for Advanced Manufacturing. M+I3D
The project has focused on the development of materials and industrial equipment for 3D printing by depositing plastic filament, to obtain functional end pieces for the medical and health sector.
Etorgai Project
Funded by Basque Government
Subject: Additive Manufacturing
Development of technology to transform polymer composites by means of volumetric microwave curing. CURAVOL
Development of resin formulations and tools adapted for the manufacture of polymer composite pieces by means of volumetric microwave curing and infusion, RTM and pultrusion manufacturing technologies.
INNPACTO programme
Funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Subject: Composite materials
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

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