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Compostadores piloto
Pilot composters
Soil health and chemical pollution: development and application of identification, diagnostic and treatment technologies. BERRILUR
We develop methodologies and applications in the field of advanced identification, diagnostic (toxicity, risk assessment) and treatment (phytoremediation, bioremediation, natural attenuation) techniques for contaminated soils.
ETORTEK Project.
Funded by the Basque Government
Subject: contaminated soils.
Leader: GAIKER-IK4.
Application of molecular techniques to soil health assessment. EKOGEN
Optimisation of molecular biology techniques to identify and apply biomarkers for use in assessing soil health and any changes to it as a result of different sources of environmental and man-made stress.
Funded by the Biscay Provincial Council
Subject: contaminated soils.
Leader: GAIKER-IK4.
Design and construction of a pilot system for treating contaminated dredged material from the channel of the Nervión-Ibaizabal River. SEDICON
This project aims to design a pilot system for the treatment of dredged sediment, that would serve as an experience for a comprehensive treatment of the sediments to be dredged for maritime traffic and environmental reasons.
Private funding from client.
Subject matter: sediments.
Design of vegetable enzyme extracts with xenobiotic degradation biostimulation activity: study of hydrocarbon degradation, biochemical and microbial stimulation in soil.
The aim of the project is to evaluate the potential for biochemical stimulation and intrinsic biodegradation in soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and/or HCH, applying organic biostimulants of vegetable origin.
Subject: Soils
Funded by the Ministry of the Environment.
Leader: University of Seville.
To improve the performance and working life of the membranes in advanced urban wastewater treatment systems.
Treatability studies and pilot plants for advanced biological wastewater treatment systems (SMBR systems). One of the keys to the success of these systems lies in their ability to prevent membrane fouling. This specialised project focuses on improving our understanding of the mixed liquor.
Private funding from client
Subject: water.
A demonstration project of a composting-based bioremediation technology for the recovery and sustainable urban management of abandoned contaminated regions
Development of a bioremediation technology for contaminated soils which makes use of customised composts. Use of various wastes for the recovery of contaminated soils.
Subject: contaminated soils.
Leader: Inkoa Sistemas, S.L.
Integrated concepts for reuse of upgraded wastewater. AQUAREC
A project undertaken within the VFP involving 17 partners from 11 different countries. The aim is to define criteria for assessing the possibility of using treated water as an alternative water supply from a multidisciplinary (economic, social, ecological, health (quality) and technological) point of view.
6FP European Project
Subject: water
Eco-genomic survey of microbial diversity for lindane degradation: formulation of catalysts for site intervention. LINDANE
The aim is to take advantage of the enzymatic diversity of the microbial communities in soils previously exposed to HCH isomers as a source of biological activity for in situ bioremediation of soils which have become contaminated as a result of spills of this compound.
5FP European Project
Subject: contaminated soils
Leader: Centro Nacional de Biotecnología.

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