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Development of functional chip prototypes for self-diagnosis kits by injection. PROCHIP
On the basis of the experience gained in the Biotechnology Division, and in light of its commercial potential, this project proposes to develop a device to diagnose various ailments. As one part of this project, the Thermoplastics Research Team proposes to undertake the work required to develop functional chip prototypes on a large scale using an injection process.
Funded by the Basque Government
Subject: microinjection
Leader: GAIKER-Ik4
Development of lightweight composites to be used in the transport sector. INNOLIGHTCOMP
The project addresses the development of innovative lightweight composites that combine the use of matrices / reinforcements that might be formulated in the form of prepregs with the development of innovative transformation processes, based on compression moulding techniques with advanced heating techniques (induction, microwave…). Its main objective is to boost polymeric composites for lightening of structures in the transport sector. There is an increasingly tendency to reduce the environmental impact caused by means of transport through lightening of structures, without compromising other characteristics such as safety, comfort, recyclability and cost. Not only structures capable of meeting mechanical specifications are required but the market is oriented to achieve sustainable transport, reduce fuel consumption, increase the life cycle of materials and use friendlier materials to the environment and, as a result new designs of materials that promote the transport sector towards a continuous evolution concerning social and technological benefits.
Applied Research Project for Technology Centres. PID-600200-2009-12
Funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subject: Technological process for prepregs
Leader: GAIKER-IK4
Ministerio de Ciencia e InnovaciónUE
Development and processing of natural-polymer-based bioplastics and/or additives obtained from natural sources. NATURPLASTIC
The NATURPLASTIC project involves the study of the technical scope of new plastic materials from renewable biological sources as replacements for traditional materials but with a specific industrial outlook. The project contemplates the use of bioplastics (packaging) and thermoplastic biocomposites (automotive) of natural polyols to produce foams (construction) and new functional natural bioadditives.
Funded by the Basque Government
Subject: plastics from renewable sources
Leader: GAIKER
Optimisation of magnetorheological fluids for aeronautical applications
Project in cooperation with the Compañía Española de Componentes Aeronáuticos S.A. (CESA) in Madrid aimed at developing magnetorheological material-based shock absorbing devices.
Aerospace Research Projects CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development)
Subject: smart materials.
Leader: CESA
Composites containing resins and reinforcements obtained from natural sources. 3Rs
Development of polymeric materials and their composites using raw materials obtained from renewable natural sources.
Applied Research Project. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: furan-based composites
Leader: GAIKER
The contribution of New Technologies to the development of future foodstuffs also known as future foodstuffs: safer, more nutritional, more convenient and smarter. FUTURAL
FUTURAL is structured into six areas of activity, each of which covers a new technology by way of a set of scientific objectives based on the foodstuff matrices most suitable for their incorporation. Activity 5, which is headed by GAIKER-IK4 and in which seven leading companies in their subsector participate, aims to incorporate active agents into packaging film to prevent food degradation by inhibiting bacterial growth and a deterioration in safety due to the proliferation of food-borne pathogens.
CENIT Project
Funded by the CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: active packaging
Leader: AIE (Alimentación y Salud del Futuro).
Implications of smart materials in labour risk prevention implications of smart materials in safety
Research Project on Occupational Hazards. Government of the Basque Autonomous Community (region) OSALAN (Basque Institute for Occupational Health and Safety)
Subject: Smart materials
Analysis and characterisation of shape-memory polymers, properties and applications
National Plan, development of shape-memory polymers.
Research Project Ministry of Education and Science
Subject: Intelligent materials
Leader: University of the Basque Country
Smart materials, sensors and actuators applied to smart processes and structures. ACTIMAT
ETORTEK Project undertaken over three tenders (2002-2004, 2005-2007, 2008-2010) in which GAIKER-IK4 has coordinated a consortium of 10 partners in the Basque Country. R+D, training, dissemination and technology surveillance activities.
Funded by the Basque Government
Subject: smart materials
Leader: GAIKER

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