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Magnetic rheometer
Magnetic rheometer
Electrical conductivity
Electrical conductivity
Implications of smart materials in labour risk prevention implications of smart materials in safety
Research Project on Occupational Hazards. Government of the Basque Autonomous
Community (region) OSALAN (Basque Institute for Occupational Health and Safety). Subject: smart materials.
Active disassembly using smart materials. ADSM
Application of smart materials to automated disassembly systems to improve recycling processes. 5FP (Fifth Framework Programme) Project Reference: G1RD-CT-2000-00206
5FP European Project.
Subject: smart materials.
Leader: Brunel University
Industrial novelty dampers by development of advanced materials with high performance under electromagnetic rheological stimulation. IND-DAMPERS
Application of magnetorheological materials to dampers. 5FP (Fifth Framework Programme) Project Reference: G1RD-CT-1999-00125
5FP European Project.
Subject: smart materials.
Leader: KTH.

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